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Published: 7 February 2023

Work experience

“I didn’t know how much there was to do before I came here!”

Year 12 school student, Danni, recently spent a week in the Stiff + Trevillion offices learning what a job in architecture really looks like. During the week, Danni shadowed one of Bury Street’s lead architects, Aude, joining project meetings and site visits, and was tasked with developing recommendations for how spaces in Holland House could be retrofitted as part of the Bury Street rejuvenation.

In her end of the week presentation to the Project Team, Danni confidently shared some brilliant recommendations, including establishing a Historical Showcase within Holland House which would bring the history of the building to life through the use of modern technology, like virtual reality and wall projections. Danni also shared creative ideas for the new education spaces, an immersive room and the courtyard area.

“Thank you so much for this opportunity, I had lots of fun and I learnt a lot. I appreciated all of your help and kindness as I was able to fit right in – it has made me more included to pursue my dream of becoming an architect. I’m sure I’ll be back soon!”

We loved having Danni join our team for the week and we look forward to following her career development in future.

Ultimately, we want to deliver a proofed development that appeals to young people now and in the future. We want the development to be an accessible and welcoming space that draws people into the City of London.

We are looking forward to hosting more school and community groups in Holland House over the coming months and hearing their ideas for how our education a culture offers can be maximised for the benefit of all future users.

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