Site location

The site is located in Aldgate, a ward within the City of London with a long and varied history. The name Aldgate refers to a large gateway that existed, spanning the Roman-built road to Colchester and used to defend the City of London on a number of occasions.

Proposals for the site cover the area currently occupied by Bury House, Holland House and Renown House.

Current site

Bury House

Bury House was constructed in 1967 as a commercial building which is six storeys tall, with basement storage and 18 car parking spaces.

Due to it’s age, Bury House has numerous issues which make it unsustainable to operate, including mechanical and electrical services that are reaching the end of their intended life and will require full replace in the next few years. Alongside this, the current structure does not support cycle parking or end of trip facilities, which are important for achieving the commitments set out in the City of London Corporation’s Climate Action Strategy.

Holland House

Holland House was designed by Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Perlage and opened in 1916 as the headquarters for the shipping company, Wm H. Muller & Co.

With it’s black marble plinth and glazed terracotta bricks, the architecture of this Grade II* listed building started a new era of modern design. The lobby and basement areas are also richly decorated with mosaic tiles which have been well preserved over the years.

The façade exhibits varying degrees of damage ranging from minor to severe, with localised cracking and spalling.

Listed building consent was granted on 10th May 2022 (21/00838/ LBC) for the repair and cleaning of the buildings south and west elevations: “Removal and reinstatement of external faience together with the removal and replacement of existing concrete beam together with associated works”.

Renown House

Renown House is the smallest of the three buildings, located at 33-34 Bury Street and adjoins Holland House on two sides. Renown House was built in 1912 and was home to Bunge & Co headquarters. Given it’s age and design, Renown House currently suffers from similar issues to those facing Bury House.

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