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Evolution of Design

Following feedback on our previous application, we have amended our designs, by reducing the height of Bury House and by stepping the building back at upper levels. These changes work to differentiate the new building from the Tower of London silhouette and sit harmoniously within the eastern cluster. 

Establishing a shared core between the three buildings, and reconfiguring the floorplates in the existing buildings deliver significant efficiencies in the floorplates, supporting our ability to reduce the overall height of the scheme.

This approach will also allow Grade II* listed Holland House to be brought up to modern safety and sustainability standards, whilst simultaneously restoring its heritage characteristics and opening it up to the public for the first time in its 100-year history.

Smaller floorplates, particularly at upper levels, are proposed to meet unmet demand, directed specifically at SME’s and start up businesses of 50-60 people, supporting the growing network of smaller firms, as part of the City’s desired wider business ecosystem.

Ground floor enhancements to the public realm include providing new active frontages; the reinstatement of Heneage Lane, an historic pedestrian route through the building; and significant improvements to the pedestrian and share spaces surrounding the site.

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