Our vision for Bury Street is a to deliver the most sustainable collection of buildings in the City of London. This truly sustainable urban regeneration, celebrates the site’s history whilst offering a modern and flexible design for a range of future users.

Below you can find details of the proposals which we consulted on in June 2023. To recap our proposals for the site include:

  • The most sustainable refurbishment of a heritage building in the City of London, including restoration, sensitive extensions and opening up of Grade II* Holland House to the public for the first time in it’s 100-year history.
  • A new commercial building of high quality, varied and flexible workspace on the site currently occupied by Bury House – supporting the business ecosystem in the City of London.
  • A curated series of uses across the site, including pop up exhibitions, events and educational presentations to celebrate the rich history of the site.
  • Significant and direct investment in London, reinforcing its international standing and acting as a positive catalyst for future investment and development in the city.
  • Delivery of a fossil-free, all electric collection of buildings, with historic Holland House serviced by the new host building, as well as biodiversity enhancements across the site.
  • Introduction of a new affordable flexible workspace in Holland and Renown House, including an extension with accessible terraces at upper levels.
  • Re-establishment of the historic James’ Court pocket park and Heneage Lane.
  • A collection of buildings supporting the delivery of the City of London Corporation’s ‘Destination City’ ambitions.

You can read more about the details of our proposals by looking through our virtual exhibition below.

You can find out more about the charities, schools and sporting institution who have made use of the spaces within the historic Holland House in our cultural strategy below.

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